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CBL30 News Feed – 10/15/21

All Stats updated through Week 3. See Stats Tab

10/18 Schedule: 8pm-Panthers vs OGz3.0, 9pm-Uncle Drew vs Autobots, 10pm-Imaan vs CBB. See Schedule Tab

ONLY people that are vaccinated or can produce a negative test no greater than 24 hours are permitted to enter gym. NO EXCEPTIONS.

CBL Retro – 10/12/21 Games – Previews, Predictions, Scores, and Recaps


All Games at JHS217

G1: Panthers vs Replacements, 8pm

Preview/Prediction: The Panthers are undefeated due to their poignant shooting and tough defense. Tonight’s match-up will be a little tough as Zia and his boys seem armed with talent of their own led by the feisty Sajid and big man Ali in the paint. However, the community sees Panthers still winning. PREDICTION: Panthers 57, Replacements 50

FINAL SCORE: Replacements 48, Panthers 35 [The Replacements now find themselves as one of the hottest teams in Retro with three straight wins. Reasons for success is the Sajid — who brings the scoring and defense each week].

G2: Bricklayers vs Warriors, 9pm

Preview/Prediction: Moody and his Warriors took a loss last week despite having a leading scorer in Taco and a leading rebounder in Zak. So what gives? Warriors defense is shoddy. They don’t guard the perimeter and thier zone is very loose. Meanwhile, the Bricklayers are battle tested and organized on both sides. Their core of Imran, Junaid, and Naveed will keep them competitive in each game. This one we see Bricklayers losing though. Too much Tuesday Taco. PREDICTION: Warriors 50, Bricklayers 44.

FINAL SCORE: Bricklayers 61, Warriors 50 [Moody’s team got outclassed by the balanced and poised Bricklayers. For the Warriors, Hammad made his debut and contributed nicely in a losing effort].

G3: Tigers vs. Guardians, 10pm

Preview/Prediction: The final game will be a full team in the Tigers vs. one player – Aqib. So this should be an easy win. Right? Wrong. Our experts have realized that the Tigers also have just one player. His name is Dev. Captain Adil – shut down Dev and you got a chance. PREDICTION: Tigers 47, Guardians 42.

FINAL SCORE: Tigers 54, Guardians 52 [The Guardians made a run in the second half and nearly pulled of a great upset over the Tigers. While Aqib and Abdullah represented offensively, it was difficult to contain Dev in the paint. Ultimately the Tigers have too much experience and command to lose.]

Refs. Saffi

ONLY people that are vaccinated or can produce a negative test no greater than 24 hours are permitted to enter gym. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Preview, Predictions, Results, CBL30 Games – 10/12/21

All Games at JHS217

G1: Panthers vs Bachem, 8pm

Preview/Prediction: Great friends off the court- these two will be the first matchup of week 3. The Panthers lack size and defense but there shooting led by Maaz is a force to reckon with. Meanwhile their opponents, Bachem has made the necessary changes each week to keep a steady hand. Captain Freddie built his team for the long run with the Cheema boys being the main architects on the offense and in transition. As far as the contest, we expect lots of scoring opportunities. Especially in transition and at the perimeter. Look out for Adnan. He can do a lot with his 4 eyes. [: PREDICTION: Bachem 66, Panthers 61

FINAL SCORE: Panthers 54, Bachem 42 [Bachem arrived late, Panthers capitalized and held on for another win. And oh yeah, they added Terrance].

G2: Afghan Ballers vs OGz3.0, 9pm

Preview/Prediction: Based on Afghan Ballers play last week, it is obvious they are NOT as good as advertised. They suffer from age, injuries, and have no shooting. Their opponents, the OGz3.0 have a good energetic team but lack size in the paint which means they will only score from the perimeter or mid-level or transition. Our experts see this as a game of contrast. One will shoot and score off steals and in transition, while the other will play defense and score in the paint. X factors: Can anyone match Nafi’s defense? Will Shafi wake out of his shooting coma? Will Kamil modify his roster yet again? PREDICTION: Afghan Ballers 57, OGz3.0 53

FINAL SCORE: OGz3.0 79, Afghan Ballers 63 [OGz3.0 Came to play led by Bryan and Abdel and cruised to an easy victory over an imbalanced Afghan Ballers Squad].

G3: Uncle Drew vs. CBB, 10pm

Preview/Prediction: Our final game, the Zia captained Uncle Drew will take on the Certified Ballers who will make their debut in CBL (Captain Sayem). The name may be new, but the cast of characters are not – you have Ali, Taha, Sayem, Taimur, and company.

The experts expect the offense from both teams to be lit. In fact, expect a barrage of 3s and likely NO defense. When the final whistle is blown, look for Zo to dissect CB’s defense and lead his team to victory with the aide of CBLs cookie monster (Saleh) PREDICTION: Uncle Drew 68, CBs 62.

FINAL SCORE: CBB 62, Uncle Drew 49 [Sayem and company came out firing led by newbie Taimur who without flair nailed 3s after 3s to give the CBB a successful debut].

Refs. Mike and Mike

ONLY people that are vaccinated or can produce a negative test no greater than 24 hours are permitted to enter gym. NO EXCEPTIONS.

CBL Retro 10/5/21 Results

Week 2 of CBL Retro was pretty interesting. Two of the 3 games were competitive and close. However, the Guardians game vs. the Replacements was a laughing matter where the Guardians were held to only 25 points. The Guardians now are 0-4. Come on Captain Adil. The other two games were retro style match-ups.

Here are results:

G1: Bricklayers 50, Clutch 45

G2: Tower 46, Warriors 40

G3: Bricklayers 50, Clutch 45

Standings and Scores Updated. Stats will be uploaded tomorrow for the past two weeks.

CBL30 Previews/Results 10/4/21

In this whirlwind we call life CBL, week one has come and pass.  We now are in week two and if the off-court action tells us anything, it’s going to be one heck of a season. Let’s look at the week two battles.

Game 1: 8:00 pm, Autobots (0-1) vs Bachem (0-1)

Both teams are looking for their first win in season 16 but that’s a tough & daunting task when they are missing key players. The Autobots are champs & they have been here before, so we expect captain Fahad to rally his guys and fight. The real question is who is going fly in to help Dre and Stan?

Are the Bachems a formidable opponent or just another team that the league can get a win against on any Monday night? Cheema is one heck of a baller but that alone won’t save his team from a 0-2 deficit and in a season like this every win is crucial. Last week they showed fight and heart but many questionable passes and shots were taken. Who is their second-best player or even their third best? We must wait to see. This may not be the game of the night but it’ll be close till the end. We expect the veteran Autobots to put the Bachem brothers away in the final 5 minutes in a high scoring affair. Prediction: Autobots 76-63.


Game 2: 9:00 pm, Imaan (1-0) vs Afghan Ballers (1-0)


Both teams have vets, stars and high-octane offense. The real question in this one is whose role players show up? Imaan breezed to a win last week with their stellar defense and high percentage shooting from three.  It looked as if they were in mid-season form. Mike Liander was effortlessly scoring and his guards were in the pockets of the opposite team like the ball belonged to them. If they show up with that team effort again it’ll be a long night for the opponent.

Well Nafi is back and he’s brought the Afghan nation with him to try to get the coveted CBL trophy (where’s Munir for this one) they got their first win in what was a easy opponent but looked like they were ready for anything.  Haroun and Beiber we’re firing on all cylinders so we expect them to leave there mark tonight. 

It’s going to be be a back and forth affair. The leaders of both teams must keep calm and show composure. The team with the ball at the end will be the winner in this close and contested affair.  Imaan wins this in a nail biter due to Mike Ls stellar shooting. Prediction: Imaan 76-73

FINAL SCORE: IMAAN 72, AFGHAN BALLERS 57, Mike goes for Double Double

Game 3: 10:00 pm, OGz3.0 (0-1) vs Uncle Drew (0-0)

If you know Kamil you know he won’t Kuit unless he gets what he wants and Losses aren’t those. After the beating he received the last time, roster changes have been made and friends have been lost but winning is the goal. We expect his team to come out running with Apron leading the way. The real question here is who can shoot on this team? Also, can someone get a rebound for a second chance? New team, same old Kamil!

What a time to be Saleh Ahmed. He has made friends with everyone in CBL and sure knows what to do with them. This team is built very well on paper, but will it work in person? He’s got a dynamic duo in Azal and Zo but can they coexist? Which Mehdi will show up and will he last all season? Regardless, the noise sounds like they are here to compete and we don’t expect them to back down. This will be a grind out game Uncle Drew will be too much for Kamil to hold onto. Prediction: 61-42 UD

FINAL SCORE: UNCLE DREW 71, OGz3.0 65, Zia’s squad lead a balanced attack.

CBL30 Alert – 9/30/21

CBL30 Stats are up for Week 1. Based on the stats, Mike Liander leads in Points and Rebounds. Could he win his 3rd MVP in CBL?

Please see the following two sections:

CBL30 – Stats

CBL30 – Top Stats

CBL Retro Returns in Style!

CBL Retro made its long awaited return and the games did not disappoint. All 3 contests came down to the wire and for some it was joy and for others it was misery. But for all it was an appreciation that bball is back!

Details to come….

CBL Retro Continues Tonight

After a long pause, the Retro boys are back. Maaz, Zia, Kamil, Shanni, Muzz, Gouhar and the gang are all back to win a chip in Crescent. Check the CBL Retro Schedule tab for the schedule and Standings.

Since this is a continuing season, the standings tab is updated to show the current standings.

Week 1 CBL30 in the Books

Jamaica NY. What an opening week of CBL30. The stands were full with vaccinated players. And the games were exciting. All the usual suspects were present for a great day. And the Games:

Game 1: Panthers defeat Autobots 61-55: Nasif and ZQ led the way in a closely contested match-up. For the ABs, Stan the man arrived late and Dez was mia. So it is all good in ABs world.

Game 2: Imaan blasts OGz 3.0 84-64: In a balanced attack Mike Liander carved away at the OGz defense while setting up his teammates for a resounding win. Moe H contributed with his uptempo defense and key buckets to make sure Kamil and company are buried.

Game 3: Afghan Ballers (AB) defeat Bachem 72-57: Haroun and Bieber (aka Mohammad) led the way scoring 20+ each to beat Freddie and his team. This contest was within reach as Freddie, Adna, and Hasan were within striking distance until the final 2 mins when the Shafiq and Zak led Afghan team went to work and won running away.

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