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Vintage Update Monday, Apr 22 2024

CSL Vintage Schedule Updated



Pre-Season Power Rankings Thursday, Mar 9 2023

Pre-Season Power Rankings – Vintage Division (CSL D3)

CSL Vintage also returns.  While we lost some members from last season, the league owes gratitude to Vintage Captains for stepping up.  Here are the pre-season power rankings and previews.  One thing is for sure – all the teams have a deep bench.

4 – Warriors

Who? They won a chip last season.  However, the likes of Mark, Meir, and company have been promoted to Retro.  Therefore, Captain Fargo has taken the helm and see if he can rebuild this team.  You will notice so many inexperienced players this season.  The only constants are Faizan Niazi, Adam and Lulu.  In addition, Fargo bought back Waqas, Shafi, and Fatesher.  Ogs of CSL.  Also, added are Nadir and some new folks like Sal, Arhtur, etc.  We hear they are really old.

What? They have  a deep bench, and, on the field, they have many catchers and first basemen.  Let’s see what the future brings.  We do not expect much.

Rank / Reason: Dead Last.  Unfortunately the team is last because of the unknowns.  We hear Matt is a good prospect.

Random Statement:  Captain Fargo took the last 2 vintage chips so don’t ever count him out.

3 – The Main Event Mafia 

Who? Captain Ayaz has taken over the reign of this new team and the first guy he recruited was Leo.  And that is exactly the formula to start winning and playing with class.   The rest of the group includes Junior, Jessie, Castro boys, and a few other of Ayaz’ friends.  Should be fun.

What ? This team consists of several new players.  So not sure what to expect.  One thing is for sure, they are eager to play and display their skills.

Rank / Reason:  No 3.  They rank 3 because of the unknowns.  But never sleep on them.

Random Statement:  The word Mafia scares everyone.

2 – Yahoos

Who? Captain Assad is leading this team now.  The defending champs pretty much have the same roster McQuade, Mike Liang, Andy, Eydid, and now we hear they added Naeem.  What a splash?  They did lose all star pitcher Shafi.

What? This is a very good chemistry team and will be a threat each week.  With the M&M boys Mike and McQuade, they will always scare their opponent.  Meanwhile Captain Assad and team leader Eydid and Naveed – they will be fine.  

Rank / Reason: No 2.  This team is good enough to win it all again. 

Random Statement:  They aren't really Yahoos

1 – Butchers

Who? Captain Ansar and the Butchers added Billal to an already loaded roster.  Jeez.  How did they get approved?  With Azhar, Ansar, and company – they followed the rules.  

What? After two seasons of disappointing losses to Fargo (one vs. the Warriors and second vs. the Yahoos) – you better believe the addition of Billal will solidify their chip chances.  Simply put – NO weak spot. 

Rank / Reason: No 1.  See Above. This is their season.

Random Statement:  Billal in Vintage.  There goes the commis’s hair.  (:




More News
Team Win Loss
Butcherz 9 5
Yahoos 7 7
Warriors 6 8
The Main Event Mafia 6 8
Team Player Avg
The Main Event Mafia Leo C. 1
Yahoos Mike 0.875
Warriors Sal 0.739
Butcherz Billal Lateef 0.719
Yahoos Leo 0.7
Yahoos Naveed 0.682
Currently no data to display
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